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Category: Games | Date: 18-Dec-2014
Reveries 2 Soul Collectors Edition
Reveries 2 Soul Collectors Edition (PC/ENG/2014)
English | PC | 2014 | 738 MB
Genre: Hidden Object
It should have been the happiest day of your life, but a horrible villain nabs your groom-to-be right before the ceremony. You rush to find him? only to discover you may have been the real target all along. Can you save yourself, your kingdom, and your marriage before the Gates of Chaos destroy it all? Find out as you explore am amazing fantasy world in in this magical Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

View & Download Reveries 2 Soul Collectors Edition | Uploaded | Rapidgator

Category: Games | Date: 18-Dec-2014
Dragon Age Inquisition DELUXE EDITION-ZM
Dragon Age Inquisition DELUXE EDITION-ZM (PC/MULTI/2014)
Multi | PC | 2014 | 25.62 GB
Genre: RPG, 3D
A new adventure begins. When the heavens opened, and will rend the chaos, the world needs heroes. Become the savior of Thedas in the game ęDragon Age: Inquisition." You - Inquisitor, and you have to save the world from itself. But this way will be paved with a difficult decision. Thedas - the land of strife. The parties do not cease to be at enmity with each other, even when the world pours demons. And what about you? You and your squad - the only ones who can hold the whole world on the brink. You will lead all ... or die. A Digital Deluxe edition, you also get an exclusive set of weapons, armor and vehicles. You will be able to sit on the throne of skulls (included in the arsenal of the "Flame of the Inquisition") and go into battle riding a wonderful mounts - the unicorn and red swamp Halle.

View & Download Dragon Age Inquisition DELUXE EDITION-ZM | Uploaded | Rapidgator

Category: Games | Date: 18-Dec-2014
Ziggurat pdate 5 (2014) PC RePack SeregA-Lus
Year: 2014 | PC | Developer : Milkstone Studios | Publisher : Milkstone Studios | 382MB
Language: Russian, English, Spanish, Hungarian, French, German, Italian
Genre : Action , rpg

View & Download Ziggurat Update 5 2014 PC RePack SeregA-Lus | Uploaded | Turbobit | Rapidgator

Category: Games | Date: 18-Dec-2014
Dragon Age Inquisition RePack-MAXAGENT
Dragon Age Inquisition RePack-MAXAGENT (PC/ENG/2014)
English, Russian | PC | 2014 | 17.972 GB
Genre: RPG / 3D / 3rd Person / Top-down
(Rus. Dragon Age: Inquisition) - computer role-playing game Dragon Age sequel series in the fantasy genre as developed by the Canadian studio BioWare. Players will assume the role of head of the Inquisition - a newly resurgent organization whose goal put eradicate the evil in the land of Thedas. By the beginning of the game accumulation of many events that require investigation by the Inquisition. War, intrigue, political strife previously deprived Thedas influential groups to act with the same efficiency. This is a serious problem, given the heavens open and demons pouring out. Players will need to respond to this new threat, as well as explore a vast world, meet with old and new characters and gather strength for the growing of the Inquisition.

View & Download Dragon Age Inquisition RePack-MAXAGENT | Uploaded | Rapidgator

Category: Games | Date: 18-Dec-2014
Dead State + Patch - GOG
Dead State + Patch - GOG (PC/ENG/2014)
English | PC | 2014 | 995 MB
Genre: Role-playing | Strategy | Survival
Dead State is a survival RPG set in central Texas at the collapse of civilization: as society crumbles, the player must defend their shelter from threats while keeping themselves and their allies fed, equipped, and content. Inspired by classic strategy RPGs like Fallout, X-COM, and Suikoden, Dead State emphasizes clever turn-based combat, complex character interactions, and base building against a background of humans fighting tooth and nail to survive in the face of horror and despair.

View & Download Dead State And Patch GOG | Uploaded | Rapidgator

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