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Category: Games | Date: 14-Jan-2015
Blitzkrieg Anthology [GOG] (PC/ENG/2005)
English | PC | 2005 | 2.253 GB
Genre: Strategy / Real-time / Historical

View & Download Blitzkrieg Anthology GOG | Uploaded | Turbobit | Rapidgator

Category: Games | Date: 14-Jan-2015
Group PROPHET has released MULTi4 version of the pc game "Clones". Enjoy!

Description: Clones is a friendly, fun, and engaging evolution to the classic Lemmings puzzle genre which includes robust internet-multiplayer with team play, different game modes, powerups, leaderboards, and a built-in level editor that was used to create the singleplayer campaign of over 150 clontastic puzzles spanning 11 CloneMaster bosses over 5 regions of the Clones Planet.
The Intergalactic CloneMaster Organization welcomes you! Take the scenic route and solve the fun and challenging problems crafted by the most cunning creatures in the universe. Then try the competitive route and test out your strategies head-to-head, in real-time, against other players from around the galaxy!

View & Download Clones MULTi4-PROPHET | Uploaded | Turbobit | Rapidgator

Category: Games | Date: 14-Jan-2015

Group FAS has released the pc game "One Snack Please". Enjoy!

Description: Have you ever wanted to run a dru..snack stand? We've all dreamed of it, especially with highly-regarded shows and movies like Baking Good and Pulp Reality. Well now that dream can (sorta) come to life! Run your very own Snack Stand, manage the goods, and set the variables based off the next day's weather. One Snack Please is inspired by the classic Lemonade Stand Game, but while the core concepts are similar, One Snack Please expands on it in so, so many ways. You start out with a simple snack stand, only having to worry about your snack's temperature and salt amounts, but as the game goes on you'll have to adapt to a whole bunch of new variables. By the end of the game, you'll have to deal with franchising, ads, and random games of Pachinko! With a whole mix of new gameplay mechanics, a unique simplistic art style, and a odd brand of humor, this is a truely unique game. The indie game that brings together elements of Strategy, Simulation, and Management is now available for only $5! There is no winning or losing in One Snack Please, growth is inevitable. But for one person it may take 360 days, with numerous financial struggles to get to the top. Others may grow their empire in a matter of weeks!

View & Download One Snack Please V1.0.0-FAS | Uploaded | Turbobit | Rapidgator

Category: Games | Date: 14-Jan-2015
Alien Isolation Safe Haven DLC-CODEX
Alien Isolation Safe Haven DLC-CODEX

Publisher: Sega | Developer: Creative Assembly | Retail Date: Oct 7, 2014

Platform: PC | Protection: Steam | Genre: Shooter

Discs: 1 DVD | Language: English | Size: 1.46 GiB

Alien: Isolation is a first-person survival horror game which captures the fear and tension evoked by Ridley Scott's 1979 classic film. Players find themselves in an atmosphere of constant dread and mortal danger as an unpredictable, ruthless Xenomorph is stalking and killing deep in the…

View & Download Alien Isolation Safe Haven DLC-CODEX | Uploaded | Rapidgator

Category: Games | Date: 14-Jan-2015
Assassins Creed Unity Dead Kings DLC-RELOADED
Assassins Creed Unity Dead Kings DLC-RELOADED

Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment | Developer: Ubisoft Montreal | Retail Date: Nov 11, 2014

Platform: PC | Protection: Steam | Genre: Action, Adventure

Language: English | Size: 7.17 GiB

The city: 1789 Paris. The French Revolution transforms a once-magnificent city into a hot house of terror and calamity. Its cobblestone streets run red with the blood of the proletariat who dared to rise up against the oppressive aristocracy. As the nation is in upheaval, a man named Arno.

View & Download Assassins Creed Unity Dead Kings DLC | Uploaded | Rapidgator

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