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Category: Games | Date: 23-Aug-2014
Robot Rescue Revolution [RePack] [ENG / Multi5] (2014) (PC-ENG-2014)
English | PC | 2014 | 229 MB
Genre: Logic (Puzzle)

Puzzle, where two robots twin operating synchronously movement must overcome many obstacles and reach the end of the path, but in order to overcome some of the sites will have to smash his head. Go through the maze, full of traps: m, the bare wires and puddles of spilled glue.

View & Download Robot Rescue Revolution RePack Multi5 2014 | Rapidgator

Category: Games | Date: 23-Aug-2014
Recruits Alpha v0.5.3 ISO-RAiN (PC/ENG/2014)
English | PC | 2014 | 572 MB
Genre: Action, Indie, Early Access

Recruits is a brutal fast paced top down shooter that puts the lives of countless amounts of soldiers in your command. Lead your men to victory and see them progress through the ranks, show them defeat and they will be lost forever.

View & Download Recruits Alpha V0.5.3 ISO-RAiN PC-2014 | Rapidgator

Category: Games | Date: 23-Aug-2014
Risen 3 Titan Lords-DLC (PC/ENG/2014)
English | PC | 2014 | 5.08 GB
Genre: RPG

The world has been abandoned by its gods and is scarred from the rampage of the Titans. Humanity is struggling to regain strength and rally its forces. You, however, have more pressing concerns: your own life has been shattered and you must set off to reclaim what is lost amidst the darkness that is spreading throughout the world. Who knows, maybe youa?ôll even save the world at the same time?

View & Download Risen 3 Titan Lords-DLC PC-2014 | Rapidgator

Category: Games | Date: 23-Aug-2014
Gods Will Be Watching [RePack] [Multi5] (2014) (PC-Multi5-2014)
Multi5 | PC | 2014 | 319 MB
Genre: Adventure

Gods Will Be Watching - innovative psychological point-and-click thriller about the survival of a group of people who were left to die on the cold distant planet! Before you will be a difficult moral choice. What sacrifices are you willing to go to survive? Whether or not to kill the engineer became useless to feed his meat rest of the team? It may well be. But remember, the gods will be watching. Sergeant Burden (that's you) and he heads a research expedition from the doctor, a psychologist, an engineer, a soldier, a neat robot in a tie and a Rottweiler were sent to the distant planet with a completely peaceful Sineikos to investigate virus found here. But someone, this study did not like, and a group of bioterrorists attacked the village, stole all research scientists and left to die, breaking the radio with the help of which you can call for backup. During the forty days you have to care about the survival of a handful of people, food and warmth for them, as well as find a way to fix the radio. Their only chance to survive - to wait for passing by the spacecraft. But to do this for forty days they will have to deal with low temperatures, starvation, madness and paralyzing the body and the will of the dangerous virus. At stake - the security of the galaxy and the fate of all mankind.

View & Download Gods Will Be Watching RePack Multi5 2014 | Rapidgator

Category: Games | Date: 23-Aug-2014
SpinTires - Wild Dirt (2014) [RUS / ENG] (2014) (beta) (PC-RUS / ENG-2014)
RUS / ENG | PC | 2014 | 586 MB
Genre: Simulation

Briefly describe the game Spintires, this simulator vnedorozhnika.Prakticheski entire Soviet fleet 80-90 years represented in the game Spintires. Well, as always the road, or rather worse - sometimes almost no Extras. Info : Attention - beta version ! Replaced main machine to modovskie. The game itself is not affected. example, instead of UAZ - Rally Truck Mercedes Benz (rushing for 100) instead of the old URAL - new, etc. Archive - the registry does not climb, so you can keep both versions on the PC =) Do not forget to immediately cut in the lock "Q" and the four-wheel drive "E" (if available), otherwise you pass only the first 20 meters. Changing transport during the game F1 and mouse in the upper left corner, select the desired! Do not forget to start!

View & Download SpinTires Wild Dirt 2014 RUS 2014 Beta | Rapidgator

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